Spirit of the house and its strange behavior. Poltergeist–ghosts in a house, Spirit choking you in dreams.


Spirit of the house and its strange behavior.Who painted poltergeist? Poltergeist–ghosts in a house, Spirit choking you in dreams.

If you are among people I know, then you already know this story. In any case, I recommend to read this one to anyone.

At first, i wanted to add some pictures, but then I realized that no real ghosts and spirits can compete with aliens or mutants. So, no pictures, I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

There were no horror movies yet when this happened. Although "Dracula" and "dogs heart" had been filmed, I believe. So, I was 8 years old and one ghost was following me.

I was trying to think of this phenomenon the same way I thought of potato, sprouting in a glass jar in my biology class. And strangely enough, I wasn’t trying to give it a name, as it usually done in modern horror movies or to draw weird bloody pictures with my relatives in them.

That bastard would wait till I fall asleep, and then start grabbing my feet, dropping different objects in the dark. I new it’s him, because we didn’t have any animals in the house.

Off course, I would wake up. I would wake up frozen, not being able to move either of my limbs. Sometimes, this something was getting close, and I could figure some image lines and also some strange mumbling…. Not even mumbling, more like the sound of drums, monotonic and rhythmic. I didn’t know back then what double pedal is, but now, I could say that you can’t play something like this without it.

Some could say it was a house spirit. According to a native beliefs, they may also paralyze there masters. But I can say that it was not for sure. I used to spend every summer in the camp, and it would find me every time a week later. How would it get there? Who knows, maybe by hitchhiking, but the fact remains a fact. Others have seen my follower too, so it couldn’t be a hallucination.

Just as a house spirit does sometimes, it would try to choke me, and try pretty hard. And then it would disappear inside turned off TV or in lighting fixtures, and once even inside my head! One of my classmates advised me to try to penetrate into his dimension, but that is impossible if you can’t move. Director of”Ghost busters” didn’t even have the idea in his notebook yet, but I had to do something about it.

So, I came out with a plan. Every time the spirit show up I would make up I’m asleep. I concentrated on my right hand finger tips and try to gain control off of them. And after 3 -4 visitations I was able to do so. I also taught my self to sleep on my back only wit my blanket up to my waist, so that my hands would be free. But I had long way to go before I could gain control over my whole hand. In a mean while something else happened – it showed up in a day light!

It went nuts completely I guess! Once I woke up in the morning about eleven O’clock. The room was filled by the summer light. Without any bad expectations, I turned onside to lay for half and hour more. My eyes had frozen in one direction, my body became numb. Laying there helpless I was looking at the short creature, traveling through the room.

It was half transparent, made of lines and there crossings. It is surprising how something immaterial like this may have mass and shape. Then I felt the weight of well fed cat on my shoulder…… I wish it would be a cat.

I didn’t experience any feat at that moment. I simply observed its leg, hanging in front of my face. I think I will remember it till the rest of my life. It was swinging back and forth as if it was a child leg. Its nails were built so strangely – Darwin would never see it in his worst nightmares. Being fully aware, that I’m not asleep, I spent about 10 minutes in that state. Then spirit disappeared and I could move again. Later in life I studied genealogical tree of my family and tried to find someone who died very early. This could help to figure the short height of my follower. But I have not found anyone.

Well, let’s get back to the story. As I said, I managed to gain control of my fingers and my hand. The most interesting thing happened then. If you have been choked by some spirit I want you to know – I had my revenge!

I actually grabbed him by the neck. I bet he didn’t expect such a surprise! It felt like a condom, filled with cold jelly. It had no bones. Apparently its legs were rudimental, like chitin. Maybe it is even died after then, but it managed to disappear after few seconds of fight.

I suspect he wasn’t alone. Its behavior was too different during three years of visitations. But after all, I think it survived, because I saw a similar creature after, once or twice a year. It was so careful it would leave right after I move my eye lashes. Last time I saw it eight years ago.

                        Foma Tuturov, 03/2009

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