Suspension on hooks, hooks, pulley scheme  suspension equipment, photos of peoples  suspension
Suspension on hooks, hooks, pulley scheme  suspension equipment


Suspension on hooks

Last autumn at a festival in one of Saint-Petersburg clubs I saw an interesting thing peoples suspension on hooks. A rope was stretched to the pulley on a ceiling, with a frame attached to it; the frame regulated the tension between the hooks, and the bloody hooks finished up with baits.
suspension hooks
The bait for the crowd, which reacted, I should say, more active than even to the previous strip-show. The suspension was accompanied with a very long ceremony, kind of a prelude; everything was thought out almost ideally, but the fancy and bloody wedding dresses and other stuff which I can call poseur in its positive meaning, distracted attention from the show, and were unsuitable to the plot.

But, of course, why should we think about the plot when everybodys attention is arrested on the moment when both legs will take off from the floor.

Unfortunately, I dont have any photos, but youve got Internet, that was in the club Orlandina. I remember a guy in a black top hat, he was acting confidently, as if he went up the step-ladder, but in fact, he was pulled up as a carcass at a butchers.

What I felt sick about was the unwillingness of some suspended people to take off their bras. I mean, if this goes as normal, the effect of naturalness will disappear, you cant falsificate the suspension when it is on the public eye, but if there are bra straps somewhere near and if the lights are bad But Im saying it just so, everything that happened there was real, I can assure you.

And I even liked it more than on a video about the suspension, which my friend has recently downloaded from the Internet and then showed me. The video was native made, thats why I was interested. There was time when Ive seen lots of such videos from abroad, mainly American. Even before Colombo they had a similar Indian ritual.

So, lets get back to the topic, the video about ours. It was raw and ostentatious. Though some attention was directed to a demonstration of naked boobs, I came to an opinion, that participants are doing something really shocking behind the scenes, but on screen are only to give an interview.
What made me wonder is the declaration of one of the participants, that he has thirty marks (scars) on his body from the previous punctures.

One hook two scars, as a rule, you use four-six hooks for the suspension (may be some variations), so you only have to suspend two-three times to become a guru of the national professional suspension?

Now Id like to speak about how it is presented in the Russian Internet: skin is pierced not with hooks, but with special piercing needles; spirits and anaesthetics are not allowed, as far as I remember it is connected with the fact that blood coagulates worse under the influence of such preparations; you can have orgasm while youre suspending; the world record of hanging is one year, though in the same article Ive read that hooks will go through the skin in one night and about the rejection, which is also frequently seen in piercing; .. every hook is designed for 5-6 kg of weight..(?!)
Suspension hooks:

So you may trust only your personal experience, by the way, among the visitors of the club, which I mentioned in the beginning, only two people had seen this before, the showman had asked about it from the scene during the preparations. One of them was me, though all my scars and stretches had turned into hardly seen spots, there are some useful observations left.

This stuff started spontaneously, a friend of mine collected information about suspension, this was in springsummer 2005, and full of curiosity, we decided to try it, and next day I was in a fishermen shop choosing hooks.
Weve made an arrangement with my other friend (he was the third volunteer) about the place, we had very quickly found an ideal place we went to his private house (Tambov city) with a yard, which was all, really all, covered with green plants.

There, on that backyard, we started our preparations. Firstly, we got rid of notches on hooks, we bothered with files for a long time, till we had corns, grinding machine didnt work up hooks smoothly, secondly, we prepared the mechanism of ascension into the sky.
Suspension hooks:
Fortunately, we had a horizontal bar disposed.

I forgot to say, we prepared a kit of hooks for everyone, because its insanitary to use one needle... sorry, one hook for different people.

Usually people use this scheme of suspension fix the pulley, pass a rope through it, and fasten a trapezium to it. Through the holes in the trapezium passes one more rope as it is shown in the scheme.
Suspension on hooks, hooks, pulley scheme  suspension equipment Suspension on hooks, hooks, pulley scheme  suspension equipment

That is for regulating the tension evenly between all the hooks. But as far as we had scanty of available and suitable scrap metal, we decided not to think about the uniform tension and using chains to fix rigidly on a kind of a trapezium.

That, of course, was our mistake. But in something we gained. Other people pass the rope through the pulley and pull, pull, and then have to hold it

We had no pulley, and mine 75 kilos needed solidity while rising, and soon weve found the way out look at the scheme.

Suspension on hooks, hooks, pulley scheme  suspension equipmen

Frankly speaking, there was some initial inertial swinging. We used the sear rule. A rusty sear, which is perfectly distinguished on the picture below.

Another problem we had was the fact that hooks were for fishing and their eyes we made for a fishing line and not for something more massive. But soon all the problems were solved and the first phase began driving into skin.

For testing was prepared the top part of my back. We even marked the points for pierce with a pen.

Admittedly, dont get going such a task until you get trained in piercing a piece of a rubber, and have a full range of pliers. For those, who dont know what the needle for piercing is.
I, for example, dont.

You can pierce with hooks, checked. Later on I got into the way and pierced my chest (Ill speak about it later) barehanded.

What amazes me on somebodys photos, videos and stuff - is that everyone there is almost bleeding, though in fact experimentally tested sober and not using any anesthetics, a person with normal blood circulation and other things (on photo below) doesnt bleed at all. Due to shock blood vessels get narrow, I guess, and isolate the pierced spots.

Both other participants had the same thing. I suggest that people for visual effects besmear themselves with paint or blood, or still some anesthetics are mixed up, but I think, rather the first one.

Before the suspension itself we got stuck into the first phase hooks were pierced awry, links, that I fixed in the hooks eyes for fastening then to chains, parted. We suspended next day, everybody pretty pierced and dissatisfied, but then everything went on wheels.

Telling the truth, I fell down after five minutes of hanging, goddamn links didnt stand again. But after the perfection nobody else fell down.

Suspension  hooks Suspension hook

I want to give an advice for those who decided to do this stuff, during the procedure only participants should be present- this is also from my personal experience. That is if you want to feel the unity of members and equality in communication.
Nothing can spoil the bliss better than envious onlooker. I mean bliss not in its literal meaning, those who insist that you can get orgasm through suspension are insane.

The process itself can be compared with space exploration, due to the feelings of zero gravity and unreality.

You can also hang something on hooks to yourself, I dont know, an iron or another person in horizontal position. When I played in a rock-band I hanged my bass guitar, I dont know if someone did this ever before, but I managed to play a twenty-five minute performance on a festival. I pierced hooks in my chest a little lower then shoulders level.

For this I drilled extra holes in the guitar and rated the center of gravity considering that the fingerboard partly leans on the arm. If you fix it at the usual place of the guitar strap skin will be pulled apart and this is both uncomfortable and unattractive.

The last thing Id like to speak about is alcohol you are allowed to drink, but theres no sense in it, once Ive drunk terribly a lot. And nothing, I mean it, no effect at all, and even no bleeding.

/Foma Tuturov, February 2009

Do not take this as a guide to operations.

Suspension on hooks  Suspension on hooks

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