The easiest method of monitor calibration - with the help of the program Adobe Gamma, in this instrucyion other methods are not described. Monitor profiles will save a unique color gamut.
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To make the colors of your monitor be as the site, interfaces and flash head-pieces developers want them to appear, you should calibrate your monitor, which is a good way to kill your time. For example, wait until a video loads from the Internet. The easiest (and free) way of calibration is Adobe Gamma, a program for monitor calibration, which goes together with the latest versions of Photoshop.

But if you want to look at something that reproduces the colors and contrasts of a picture, youd better look at the picture itself and not at its preview in the Internet.
The calibration includes the whole range of the colors of a monitor and like other settings you can save it in an ICC profile.
At first, you should make the background of your desktop grey, so the process will be fulfilled by eye and nothing will disturb and distract your attention. You can easily find the Adobe Gamma here:
Start - Control panel - Adobe Gamma

All the mentioned below pictures are taken from the program, which is subjoined to the Photoshop CS2(9.0)

Monitor Calibration 1 You must choose the way how will we complete the calibration step by step or using one general panel. If you choose the first mode Step By Step youll get many more clues.

But this is for those who are not looking for the shorter ways; and we choose Control Panel.

Monitor Calibration 2
Monitor Calibration 2
Monitor Calibration 3

Click on the Load button to upload the initial ICC profile for your monitor. Save your profiles under the names which will be easy to find in future.
Indicators Brightness and Contrast will help you to adjust brightness and contrast of the monitor correctly. Light squares must be distinguished between dark ones and the white line below must remain bright. In the next window of calibration Phosphors you should indicate the type of phosphor which is used in your monitor. If you dont want to look for it in the in-line documentation for the displey, then just choose Trinitron. For LCD leave Custom.

For the right matching of the colors, move the sliders till the squares in the centre become faded. It will be easier if you screw up your eyes. If you install the mark View Single Gamma Only there will be only one square and you also adjust brightness using the slider. You can operate with three or one (View Single Gamma Only) colored squares, but in most cases the usage of the second variant is much more simple and convenient. In the option Desired choose the meaning of the monitor range. For Web and typing preparance its better choose 1.8, only for Web 2.2.

The Function White Point distracts the meaning of the white-colored point for the calibrating monitor. Measure will show the dialogue of its settings (but its not necessary to use it). If you work mainly with Web pictures or the meaning 5000*K for colored temperature and 1.8 for the range do not suit your monitor, make it 6500*K and 2.2 .
The program will show you the appropriate settings by default and if you want to leave it, choose Same As Hardware.

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