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Famous physic Wolf Messing once conducted an experiment. He hypnotized the cashier of central bank, gave him clean sheet of paper from his notepad. The cashier then cashed him out with considerable amount of money. This is the goal of contemporary art. No one can say what contemporary art is, even if one spends his life writing critic works on arts. In order to explain that we need a comparison, that would be brighter of the compared, which is difficult to achieve in this case.

Noise in arts appeared as a dissonance of values, symbols, and stereotypes. Just like a sure Buddhist, the author of this noise suggests to see something philosophical in a lotus petal, masterfully presenting his painting mess for the flower. At the same time he may criticize contemporary arts, just because it is modern to do so.

It is difficult to say weather washing out the money can be an excuse for this kind of art, as many would say. If so, then if contemporary arts would even reach its goals, what does it matter what gave it such a chance? The painters of renaissance made more, and then they had to. And if contemporary painters would achieve something good, then I could only honor them for it. Early abstractionism offered some good ideas, but those who saw only colored squares and lines also draw them, being completely sure about there abstractionism.

It is strange how such an amount of ideas in cubism, impressionism, and abstractionism did not collide with classical painting and form some alternative art. Nothing would stop, but at the same time we have completely useless and stupid contemporary art. With all the respect to all gifted contemporary authors, there are no doubts, that they are ashamed of there talent.

There will be time, when contemporary art would not stand for its name any more and then another name would have to be given to it. Lets say crisis art or the art of crisis depending on the context. When I say crisis, I mean an unproductive argue between traditional and avant-garde movement. This argument somewhat looks like the following:

- There is no art besides classical and never will be.-the fathers say.

- Painting - is just putting paint on the surface, children disagree meaning us painters-.

- The paintings of old masters is the pride of any museum, they are priceless!-

- They dont have price, because they are not allowed for a sale. In contrary, contemporary art sells for lots of money!-

- Without respect for achievements of the old you wont accomplish anything!-

- Yes, we dont have that much experience, but experience is you have left-

And so onThis situation developed in such a way that victory over conservatism is a loss for avant-garde. All contemporary arts are built upon old tradition denial and destruction of previous stereotypes. When the argument solved, the crisis art will die or move on to the next step of evolution, completely different from the current.

Such distrust to achievements of the old is the result of inability to move forward with the desired speed. In other words, in order to come out of the dead end without shame, contemporary art is looking for an excuse, for someone to blame. That someone, they say, at some point took a wrong turn. And the essence was lost. We need to check on our ways, concentrate our attention on how do we put the paint on the surface, concentrate on mental conversions of the process of painting. and so it goes on and on..

It is strange that the members of that movement call themselves painters, not the artists, to make it all clear for all. Dont know who or what is here to blame. Maybe it is the dual translation of the word artist in Russian fools our heads. Well, just joking here, but even western artists conduct there play not in theatres, but in art galleries.

Some repentances of underground art look ridiculous. They talk about how they force themselves to swim in the current that they dislike. Where there ever times when painters did there job this way?

                        Foma Tuturov, 03/2010

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