Time travel through a grave, holes in time on the cemetery bend the space-time continuum of the number 13, Friday the 13-th. Is it possible to time travel? Facts or paradox?


I always liked number thirteen, and not only because the thirteenth seat was always free. If it is the thirteenth day in a month, and its a Friday on top of that, then it is the best day for time travel. I got to know that thanks to certain circumstances, upon which space time continuum was turned back, even though for little time.

So, in one of those Friday 13-Th I had an unstoppable desire to visit a cemetery at nigh. This desire also dictated to jump into the grave pit exactly at 12 oclock. Extreme. I knew there were such pits on that cemetery. They dig them in a row, just in case, I guess. For better precision, I took the alarm clock with me and set it for 12 even.

This cemetery is located beyond the city line. They say there is a nut house somewhere near it and the crazy run away sometimes. I remembered about all these things walking empty streets of the side of the town. It was summer, windy, but not cold. I often saw little tornadoes of garbage formed by the wind. I never accounted for such amount of little tornadoes before. I guess that was a good omen.

Actually, it was not the first time I went to such place at night. Ive been there before and even found the traces of ritual sacrifice. Black chickens with surrounding candles, to be more specific. But there was something special about this trip. So I was walking on unknown impulse. Finally I found a path among trees and I saw the grave crosses showing up. I saw the church. One of the windows lit.

I figured were the fresh dug graves are. I just had to wait till midnight. I walked around for a bit and got closer to the church. Then I heard a scream that cut through this peaceful scenery. First I couldnt figure where it comes from, but then I saw the bright rectangle behind the church. The door opened and a man ran out of there and screamed one more time.

Then there was another scream that followed that man. It had more bass in it. I bent down among grave stones just in case. Right away I saw someone moving towards me. He fell on me with all his body weight and we both got on the ground side by side. I could barely see the face of a stranger. He brought up his hand to his mouth to suggest silence. There were no more screams anymore. I decided to use this silence to think the situation over. About twenty meters away my alarm clock went off. I know for sure it was it, because I used to wake up over this metallic disturbing sound every morning. Subconsciously, I checked my jacket pocket and felt the body of alarm clock with little legs. So, I didnt loose it.

My movement attracted attention of a stranger, lying beside me. Then he stood up and disappeared in the dark. I wasnt going to rest there either and went away, taking a path somewhere aside. No screams, no sounds anymore. In five minutes my pulse came to normal, I was surely moving towards the cemetery exit. One more surprise waited for me. My right leg went down to nothingness. It was pit in front of me. Well, after all, I planned it this way, but not so unexpectedly. I didnt hurt my self too much, but I got dome soil particles in my eyes, which was not very pleasant.

I came out of the pit and lost my way. I could barely see, only a colored dots. So I just moved forward. I was often catching on fences and falling. In a while I heard the sound of my alarm again. I truly lost it this time, probably after falling to the pit. The pain under my eyelids got unbearable, and I tried to remember what you do when such happens. You have to raise one lid up and try clean it with the eyelashes of the other. And so I did so. Didnt help much, but still. I decided to not to change the direction, and more over, after I could see I found Im going the right way.

Finally I came out of the cemetery, but the events of that night will always stay mysterious, the events, happened on Friday the 13-th. Maybe that grave was like a hole in time, who knows. Undoubtedly, time travel had taken place that night.

                        Foma Tuturov, 12/2009


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