THE PURPOSE OF ART: objective-useless, underground plain of arts, burial of paintings.


THE PURPOSE OF ART: objective-useless, underground plain of arts, burial of paintings.

About three years ago I was obsessed with the idea of painting. I kept buying accessories. I gave some to my friends to keep, but still there were a problem. What to do with all those paintings? I brought few of them in a frame shop, but never picked them back up. Thinking of all possible usage of paintings, and all other art pieces, that may be kept for a long period of time, I came up with a thought of preservation. I thought of preservation of art from all kinds of threats, including artists them selfs.

So I came out with rules upon which art would be put under the ground. Here is the scheme: The object must be ideally able to last a long time + it must have an ideally durable packaging + the burial place must be ideally perfect + there must be a warranty, that it will be recovered in certain amount of time.

In my case it was a painting on art horse, or, later, it was a canvas, rolled into a glass vase with a cover. There were few other ways of preservation on each point of a master plan, but I prefer to stay silent about it. The purpose of arts, hidden under the ground is not to be discovered. The whole field of arts in general requires independence, and separate existence.

There is no ideal packaging, although glass and other materials are quite durable. The most important having many layers, when you dont know for sure if anything can be used. Thats exactly the case. At first I finished with concrete slab that I was driving to a forest on a flatbed. There was a painting inside there, wrapped in and packed in all the modern construction isolators. The heat insulation is necessary for temperature drop prevention. On the surface it was all painted with mysterious signs. Also, speaker magnets were molded in, so that in case of discovery it would not be taken for a regular concrete slab. If police or forest watchman stop me, I would have to make up a story about my grand mother grave obelisk.

Different methods and materials these are factors, that will raise probability of successful conservation of art. In the end, I could hardly manage with the amount of paintings. I was spending all my free time packing surprises for future generations. I even prepared fake burial documents according to a current law with made up names and buried it all together. I dont know why, but this kind of burial opens freedom for all kinds of images and opinions. It is difficult to call to account any man by law, who made everything possible to void moral crime, which exists after all.

I had an intension to hide it all even from my self to keep this experiment ideal. I would arrive with cargo to a previously chosen forest, look back at the direction of origin and towards direction Im moving to. Using a compass, Im getting inside, trying to get lost, but thats not enough. I have a plastic bag and bottle of solvent with me. I breathe in chemical vapors for some time, and then walk around the forest again. I have chosen solvent because its effects on the brain disappear quickly enough. It lasts for a bout 15 minutes. Its important to know the correct doze. Im not a drug addict, but art requires sacrifice sometimes. After half an hour of such procedures I was getting my self lost for sure, thanks to a short memory loss.

Then I choose a place and begin to dig. It is better if you study the place and burry it inside a clay somewhere up the hill. The deeper the better. Its not a good idea to burry stuff near big cities, you must take into account the possibility of nuclear attack. After business is done, I try to get rid of all traces. Then I do everything backwards. I breathe solvent again, walk around and get out of the forest by compass. This way its impossible to find burial place even if I wanted to.

What about discovery time? Well, there are plenty of automatic radio locators with time mechanisms, and also some other devices, that theoretically, have some mysterious bio energy. Variety of methods thats what important here, and they all could be used together, unlike burial procedures. Nevertheless, if I used time mechanisms they were produced by nature only. For example, lets take the ability of certain soil formations to grow. If you take to account such growth, you may burry your cargo in such way, that it will show up on the surface in few decades.

Sometimes it seems to me that similar activities had taken place already. And we are not talking about the pieces of art, hidden under the ground and waiting for there time. We are talking about possibility of building such a bridge between past and the future that may endanger some aspects of society life. Any totalitarian regime would not be able to destroy any information completely this way.

The most important is that system does not allow using such easy to do odd way in organized fashion. And there always will be that someone with treasure map, who knows secret location. But that kind of a secret looses to an unknown burial made for an unknown period of time.

We cant deny possibility of these kinds of burials by our ancestors in the past through out centuries, at least theoretically. And even though, taking in account the essence of our miserable civilization, the objects hidden today nay become a source of envy and inspirations for future generations.

                        Foma Tuturov, 04/2009

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