Virtual browsing (exhibition) of several surrealistic pictures by the artist Foma Tuturov
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Surrealism Campfire in Mist Surrealism Demon Surrealism -Pocket Apocalypse Painting Dogs Were Tired Of Music Pregnant Birches
Still life of Roentgenograms, a Picture and a Constellation Skafandr Painting Fairy Tales Of Mammoths Crew Of A Black Star Tide Of Surrealism
Painting Still Life In A Parallel Dimension Painting Butterfly Climbs Over The Fence Look Neo-surrealism Painting  Podarizm Virus Neo-surrealism


*Under conversion to the pixel image the natural depth of a color is lost, small details dissapear during
the conversion to a suitable size for the Internet. Bisedes, make sure, that your monitor is correctly calibrated.
All the pictures are photographed by a mobile phone camera.

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Graphic. Illustrations. Surrealism + Abstraction. Black-and-white drawings. Stories, tales, experiments, articles. Author Foma Tuturov. Stylus or a brush ? quality or a plot?
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